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Solutions based on the AutoPlay Menu Designer's features

One of the most common misconceptions about AutoPlay Menu Designer, is that it's only for creating menu systems for CD-ROM. In fact, it is being used for many of different tasks. Here are just several of them:

    Autoplay Creator
    Software Makes Home CDs More Professional
    Autorun Maker
    Lets You Create AutoPlay Menu For Software Installation Disk
    CD Autorun Creator
    Helps To Create eBooks, Journals on Disks
    Autorun USB
    Creating and using autorun USB
    Autorun USB in Window 7
    Using autorun USB in Windows 7
    CD Menu Creator
    Makes CD front-ends easily
    Autorun Creator
    Makes Nice Holiday Gifts
    Autorun Slideshow CD
    Autorun Slideshow CD Disks Are Easy to Create with AutoPlay Menu Designer

General  |  How it works  |  Features  |  Screenshots  |  Templates  |  Plug-ins  |  Languages  |  History
Autoplay Menu Designer
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