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Since Autoplay Menu Designer is a try-before-buy kind of software, there are two types of activations in it:


Trial period activation

Trial period activation unlocks all functions of the program for the duration of 30 days. Within that period you can evaluate the entire functionality of Autoplay Menu Designer. The limitation of the trial version is that you can compile a project with two pages at maximum. To activate the trial period, click the “Activate the Trial period now” link either in the unregistered version reminder window that is shown upon startup of the program…



…or in the “Help|About” box of the program ...




Full registered version activation


In order to get the full registered version of the program you should place an order at our website and purchase Autoplay Menu Designer. When you order will be processed, you will receive an activation code by e-mail. Use the "Help|Activate" software menu to bring up the activation wizard and type your activation code there.