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With any two objects on the Artboard in Autoplay Menu Designer, one object will appear in front of the other. The top of the tree of objects in the Project panel is the front-most object. When you insert a new visual object, the object is automatically placed in front of other objects in the active container object. To change the order of objects, you can use the Arrange commands on the object context menu or drag the objects in the project tree, in the Project panel.


To change the arranging of objects

Do one of the following:


In the Project panel, drag the objects up or down to create the desired layering order.
On the context menu of the selected objects , point to Arrange, and then click one of the following :
Bring to Front to bring the object all the way to the front of the stack.
Forward one to bring the object forward one step in the stack.
Back one to send the object back one step in the stack.
Send to Back to send the object all the way to the back of the stack.