User Guide > Working with objects and properties

In Autoplay Menu Designer, an object is anything that you can position on the Artboard or add to the project using Project panel.  For example, after you add a visual element to the Artboard, it becomes an object in your application. Developing a stunning user interface becomes as simple as adding objects to the Artboard and modifying them to suit your needs.


Types of objects

You can add windows, pages to arrange and group your visual objects, add text, images, buttons, controls, media, music and etc. to the project.


For more information, see the following topics:


Visual objects
Music players


Some types of objects are not available for the build of the Web Application. For more information, see Web application limitations.


Modifying objects

You can modify visual objects on the Artboard by using the object handles to resize and move the objects. Additionally, you can use the Properties panel to enter values that affect such object attributes as appearance, content and behavior.


You can also animate objects, and hook events that will control the animation based on user interaction.


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