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All windows have their own sizes that can be smaller,  larger or the same than the size of the corresponding child pages.


To change the size and position of a main window

1. In the Project panel, select a main window object.

2. In the Properties panel, under Window size in the Properties section :


Select one of following :

Equal page size -  the window size will take the size of the displayed page.
Full screen - the window will be displayed on the full screen.
Specific size -  the window will have a size((in pixels or in percent of the screen) specified in the Width box and in the Height box.


3. By default, the window is displayed in the center of the screen. To change it select the checkbox () under Window position in the Properties section. Type the coordinate of the Left /Top window corner (in pixels or in percent of the screen).




To change the size and position of a subwindow


1. Select a subwindow object In the Project panel or on the Artboard .

2.  Change the size and position using the Position & size dialog in the Properties section or using object handlers () on the Artboard.