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Creation of Two Types of Application

Creating engaging and sophisticated Windows-based autorun applications  or Web applications that are built on HTML5 standard. Think to go cross-platform? The Web application allows you to distribute your application for any modern devices (computers, tablets and phones) that has a browser! Moreover, you can upload your app to a website and distribute it as a link.


Easy-to-use Interface

AutoPlay Menu Designer combines a page editor, an object properties tab, and a tree-view project content in one window. It lets you easily navigate the project content, insert and edit pages, objects and their properties without much fuss. This simple and intuitive interface has been reproduced many times but never reached this usability level before.


Drag-and-Drop Development

Creating professional multimedia software can be both easy and fun, thanks to Autoplay Menu Designer. In fact, with our WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) visual design environment, anyone can do it! Simply drag and drop your media content (text, button, image, videos, Web browser, and much more) onto "pages" and then add interactivity built-in actions. It couldn't be easier!


Interactive Objects

Autoplay Menu Designer offers many basic objects to use for creating interfaces for your autorun application. Object types include polyline, rectangle, ellipse, formatted text label, cool text,  image, hot area,  standard button, checkbox, radio button,  RTF-text viewer, Macromedia Flash, Web browsers and Media player. Each object includes a variety of events and is fully customizable. All objects can react to mouse movements and clicks (for example change their colors, borders, fonts, etc), and perform a wide variety of actions. This means absolute freedom in creating user interfaces of any level of complexity.


Multi-Page Menus and "Page In Page" Function

Autoplay Menu Designer does not limit you to have just one screen of options that you can offer to your users. It's possible to have hundreds of pages that display information, launch documents and interact between pages. Autoplay Menu Designer allows placing several pages inside any page. This functionality gives you the freedom to create impressive multimedia presentations, training applications, application launchers and much more.


Professional Templates

Choose from a variety of ready-to-use projects and then modify them to fit your needs. We included examples of software installer menus, electronic journal, marketing brochures and many others. It's also easy to make your own project templates or to add templates made by others.


Localization Support for Your Application

You can create application with support of several languages. Active language can be changed at run time.


Custom Window Shapes

Forget about being restricted to rectangular windows. With the window mask feature, you can create windows of any size and shape you desire.


Custom Icons

Now you can pick your own project icon and have it show up in the window title bar, task bar and as the executable's icon.


Quick Preview

Click the preview button and try out your project whenever you want. There's no lengthy compiling process to wait for, so you can test changes as you make them.



Full support for undo and redo operations make it quick and easy to try out new ideas.


Align and Arrange

A full suite of alignment tools helps making your layout tasks quick. Simply select a group of objects and click the desired alignment button to line up their edges on the top, left, right or bottom. You can also easily distribute objects over a given space, make them all the same size, adjust their "z" order, and more.


Group, Lock and Hide

Professional design tools like object grouping allow you to move and work with multiple objects at once. The lock tools keep you from accidentally moving an object out of its place, while the hide and show features are great for trying out different designs.



Toggle on the grid for easy object placements. The automatic snapping feature makes it quick and hassle free to place them on the page perfectly aligned.


Hue, Saturation, Lightness

Autoplay Menu Designer provides you with filters and tools to make corrections to the color and tone of images. When you adjust the color and tone, you adjust elements such as hue, saturation or lightness.


Shadow , Transparency and Blending

With our support of additional image effects, you gain access to incredible shadow effects, blending options and opacity levels. In simple terms, it means that your projects will look better than ever!


Multilingual Support for Software Interface

You can select any of the language packs currently installed.


Support for all modern 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Platforms

The applications created by Autoplay Menu Designer are designed to work on all modern 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms. This includes Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.



Other features


Editor features

Gallery of ready-to-use objects for using inside of your project
Full zoom support
Full testing of the application before burning the CD
Support of the hot-keys for all frequent operations



Runtime features

Show, Hide objects
Full screen support
Transparency mode support for windows
Tool tips support


Basic image formats support - BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.

Basic music formats support - MP3, wma, wav