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The Autoplay Menu Designer workspace consists of menus, toolbars , panels, and a design area called the Artboard. Depending on the work that you are doing, you might want to change the size of the panels or close them.

Working with panels

You can resize a workspace panel (such as the Project panel) to give yourself more area for the Artboard or more room to view panel contents. If you want to temporarily hide all panels at once using the F4 keyboard shortcut. If you want to remove a panel from the workspace, you can use the View menu to clear the check mark next to the panel name or click the Close button  on the title panel.


Also you can turn on the "Floating" mode for the panel to collapse it, and expand it only when you need it.


For more information, see the following topics:


Resize a workspace panel
Show or Hide a workspace panel



Working with the artboard


To set a focus in the Artboard use the F5 keyboard shortcut.

You can use the CTRL + mouse wheel to zoom in on or out from the artboard.

You can also quickly move the Artboard horizontally by using the mouse wheel or move the Artboard vertically by using  the SHIFT + mouse wheel inside the artboard.


All the zoom and pan options are described in Zoom or pan the artboard.