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Autoplay Menu Designer is a powerful development tool to create dynamic and interactive Windows-based autorun applications  or Web applications that are built on HTML5 standard.  It is the easiest way to create a professional autorun interface  to intricate business presentations and other multimedia products like software CDs,  catalogs, presentations, photo albums and slide-shows.


Creation of autorun programs with Autoplay Menu Designer does not require any programming skills. Just click and drag your mouse a few times and build a dynamic and interactive menu interface which will pop up when you insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive. From the menu you can launch applications, open documents, play music files, and do much, much more.


To help you to create a new application more easily the Autoplay Menu Designer developers offer different templates. These templates determine the basic structure for a project and contain variety of all urgent styles, page layouts, objects, actions, etc. for advanced use. You can also create and save your own templates.


Autoplay Menu Designer gives you an ability to test your autorun-cd in full before burning the CD/USB to make sure everything is as you like.