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We have several addresses which you can use for different purposes. Please use the one that is most appropriate for your type of request.


Note that some e-mails do get lost (Internet is not perfect), so if you've sent an important message and did not get a response, please do not hesitate to send it again.


Technical Support

If you need help with our products you can contact us by using Technical support form or contact us by email at



For information about pricing, special licensing arrangements, or to inform us of a problem you are having with your purchase, please write to <>.




If you have any comments or concerns about Autoplay Menu Designer direct them to  Your feedback is important to us in order to get ideas about making Autoplay Menu Designer a better product for you.  Many of Autoplay Menu Designer's features and significant portions of its interface have been heavily influenced by comments from users.  So if you have a great new feature idea, or a better way of doing something, please drop us a note.


Bug Reports

Although we do our best to test our software thoroughly before releasing any public version, there is always a possibility that an incompatibility problem or a bug will surface when the program is used under certain conditions. If you think you have encountered a bug, please see the Report a Bug topic for more details.