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In Autoplay Menu Designer applications, you may want to create a window that has the visual appearance of being a nonrectangular shape at run time.  You can create a nonrectangular window by using  the Shape category of the Window/Subwindow object.


To set a nonrectangular shape for a window


1. In the Project panel, select a window object.


2.  In the Properties panel, under Shape in the Properties section :

Select the Shape checkbox .
Type the shape filename or select it by using the select file button .


The shape file lets you specify a shape of the window as defined in the bitmap. The area with a white color in the bitmap defines 100% of opacity. The area with a black color in the bitmap is transparent.


When you set the shape for a window, the title bar and system buttons are no longer visible and you will lose the ability to reposition and close the window. Recommended to add a close button on pages to have the ability to close the window.  Also can use ALT+F4 hotkey to close the window. To enable dragging of the window read How to enable dragging of the window at run time.