Have interesting ideas? Want to promote yourself, your product and attract traffic to your website? Try eBooks! An eBook is a book in a digital format that can be shared with others in many ways like disk with CD menu, email and websites. The most exciting thing about eBooks is the viral marketing effect. Here's a typical scenario:

You have an Internet shop and would like to promote your brand and product to even more people without too much money. Using specialized software, you quickly write an eBook with interesting information and advice related to the product that you sell. Each page would have the layout, corporate colors and logo of the website where you sell and also the link back to your website. Interesting continent can encourage people to pass your eBook over to other people, driving traffic to your shop and making it more visible across the Web. Cool, isn't it?

In this post I'll tell you how to create your own eBook using specialized software, Autoplay Menu Designer. This program is a real helper if you do not know how to translate your ideas into an eBook and do not have time for learning a complex design tool. Using the software, you can create a professional-looking eBook with compelling design, easy navigation and interactivity on compact disks with CD menu literally in 5-10 minutes, provided that you already wrote your content and just need the eBook creator to put all this into a nice portable interface.

To get things started, you need to install Autoplay Menu Designer. To download the latest version of the software, follow this link. After the installation, run the program and as you do so, it opens the step-by-step wizard for creation of an eBook project where you choose one of the prebuilt templates for your eBook. If you are a creative type and want to get your hands dirty, you can design your layout from scratch. If you choose a template, you then need to enter some basic project information like the name and the folder to save the project.

The next step is to add your own content to the eBook that I assume you already wrote before. Add more pages to the project if their default number is not enough. Add illustrations to compliment your writing, and then numbers to pages, logo and links back to your website. Then you may work on making your eBook more visually appealing by customizing fonts, headings, design elements and other items. Buttons, hot areas, on-mouse and on-click events can help you add navigation to the eBook and make your creation interactive and responsive to readers.


post5-pic2.pngOnce your eBook looks exactly the way you want, it's time to publish it and make it go viral. For this purpose, Autoplay Menu Designer has a built-in CD recording feature, so you can compile your project and record it to disk without the need for any external software. Then this disk with CD menu can be shared with other people. It's also possible to save your eBook as .exe file for distribution on the websites, blogs and by email.

Feel free to ask me questions, or download Autoplay Menu Designer and start your first eBook with CD menu now!