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What's new in Autoplay Menu Designer 5.5

1. Scaling of pages and windows

Now your application is not limited to just one size and can adapt to the current screen resolution automatically. Moreover, you can allow users to scale the app's window manually, in runtime.
The entire scaling functionality is automatic, so you don't need to develop multiple user interfaces of the application for  multiple resolutions. Here is how to make your application windows automatically scale:

First of all, enable the "Stretch to window" option for every page you want to scale:

This option basically tells the page that it should adapt its size to the size of the parent window.

Then, you need to set the size of the window. Select the parent window in the Project panel. In the Window size section select "Fullscreen mode". This will make the window automatically scale to fit the entire screen. Alternatively, you can set a specific size of the window. Select "Specific size" and set the desired window size in percent of the entire screen :

Here, we set make the window to fit 80% of the screen. Hence, regardless of the resolution the window always scale to 80% and all child pages of that window will proportionally scale to fit the size of the window.
The "Allow resizing" option permits changing the size of the application in runtime. This way you can allow your users to arbitrary resize windows of your application or use this option for debug purposes to make sure the application looks correctly on any screen resolution :

We recommend testing your application on various resolutions to see if it adapts to different screen sizes properly. By default, objects resize proportionally to the size of the window. You can change the default behavior and assign a different way of resizing to each object, for instance, align it to the right or do not scale :

2. Custom cursors

In version 5.5 you can use any static cursors from  *.cur files or any animated cursors from *.ani files for your objects.
Use this option to make your application look more impressive or to add an extra level of usability. Note that you can assign different cursors to different states of the object: mouse over or pressed :