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post1-pic1.pngHi folks! Today I'll tell you how to make an impressive college photo album on CD. Well, of course, you can print photos and keep them in the good old album with a leather jacket, but it is so 20th century! These days everything has gone pretty digital, and there are many tools out there that can help you are creative. So, there isn't actually a reason not to give it a try and make your photos into a stylish digital album on a CD disk.

You say it's too hard? Not at all! Just follow me and I am gonna tell you how you can create a professional-looking DVD slideshow that will preserve your memories of campus life, classmates and professors for years to come.

To get everything started, download Autoplay Menu Designer (software to create interactive CD/DVD menu) and install it on your computer. We created this program particularly for this kind of job, so it's good for our project.

Basically, there are three steps to make :

A product catalog is one of the ways to promote your offerings. When there is a trade exhibition, conference or some other event that attracts your target audience, you can give your disk to prospective customers. Once they get home, they can review your offerings on the computer and make an order or contact you for more information. A professional product catalog is sure to grab the attention and convert leads into sales.

The only problem is that designing a catalog requires high technical and designing expertise, so most people opt to go to a designer to have the catalog mastered by a professional, or attempt to make it themselves but that is a difficult task.

Fortunately for you, there is Autoplay Menu Designer, and it'll help you create a product catalog on CD/DVD easily.