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post7-pic1.pngDo you remember the last time you had to reinstall the system? Try and remember what it was like find installation CDs and put a disk after disk into CD-ROM to install necessary applications. Let's admit it's not that convenient. And even if you store all your software in the folder on the hard drive, you may one day come across another problem - your hard drive may fail due to a malfunction, or your computer may suffer from a virus attack and you can lose all of your installers. Scary, isn't it? But you may avoid these problems if you create a software installation disk with a CD menu that will contain all of your applications. And in this post I'll give you a hint how to do it.

Have interesting ideas? Want to promote yourself, your product and attract traffic to your website? Try eBooks! An eBook is a book in a digital format that can be shared with others in many ways like disk with CD menu, email and websites. The most exciting thing about eBooks is the viral marketing effect. Here's a typical scenario:

You have an Internet shop and would like to promote your brand and product to even more people without too much money. Using specialized software, you quickly write an eBook with interesting information and advice related to the product that you sell. Each page would have the layout, corporate colors and logo of the website where you sell and also the link back to your website. Interesting continent can encourage people to pass your eBook over to other people, driving traffic to your shop and making it more visible across the Web. Cool, isn't it?

post6-pic1.pngMost families these days have a video camera and lots of family videos with birthday parties, mom and dad anniversaries, vacations and other interesting events and family moments that we may want to put onto a compact disk with a CD menu, professional design and navigation. Firstly, this can help you save your videos for the lifetime of enjoyment. Secondly, video disks can make a nice personalized gift to people we love. However creating a video disk does not come easy for most people. Anyone who ever tried to author such a disk can tell you that it's not a simple affair for the inexperienced beginner because you must learn a complex authoring suite with enumerable dialogs, options and menus. So, in this post I wanna give you a tip on how to simplify video disk creation.

Making a portfolio is one of the essential things for anyone who works in the world of images. These people are photographers, designers and artists. A portfolio showcases best examples of your work, skills, experience and your potential for future clients. The more attractive and professional it looks, the higher chances you have for getting hired. Portfolios can be made in the digital form with CD menu. This offers some benefits. Firstly, digital portfolios are good because you can take them with you to an interview, trade show or some event that attracts your target audience and show on a laptop in full color using powerful multimedia abilities. Secondly, a digital CD menu portfolio can be distributed on disks to prospective clients in other cities and even abroad. Thirdly, professionally designed digital portfolios impress people and leave a more lasting impression than traditional ones.

A company profile with CD menu is one of the ways to promote your business and influence potential clients. Businesses make their profiles as a compliment to other business documents for trade shows, exhibitions, or conferences that attract prospective clients and partners. The profile with CD menu can be given away to interested people or even sent by email. Up until recently, you had to know a lot of special software, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Macromedia Flash, to create a profile. If you never tried making a digital profile, it's gonna be hard. But fortunately there is now a simple and easy way to make this thing. The name of the autorun software is Autoplay Menu Designer. It lets you make a professionally created company profile with CD menu.