How to make a software installation disk with cd menu

post7-pic1.pngDo you remember the last time you had to reinstall the system? Try and remember what it was like find installation CDs and put a disk after disk into CD-ROM to install necessary applications. Let's admit it's not that convenient. And even if you store all your software in the folder on the hard drive, you may one day come across another problem - your hard drive may fail due to a malfunction, or your computer may suffer from a virus attack and you can lose all of your installers. Scary, isn't it? But you may avoid these problems if you create a software installation disk with a CD menu that will contain all of your applications. And in this post I'll give you a hint how to do it.

Creating a software installation disk is easier than ever if you have special software like Autoplay Menu Designer. With its help you can create your installation disk with a CD menu quickly and without putting many efforts into this job. This disk may contain all of your applications that you use every day. For example, these can be drivers, antivirus software, media players, file managers, image or sound editors, various productivity utilities and the list may go on and on. Usually these apps are located on separate disks that are stored on different shelves and in the boxes. So it's no surprise that quite often you find yourself being unable to remember where you put this or that disk. Keeping all installers on the hard drive is not the best option either as you may lose them if a disaster strikes.

So, Autoplay Menu Designer offers everything you need for rapid creation of a software installation disk with a CD menu. To start, you configure the project settings using a wizard where you specify basic information about the project like its name, template design and output location. Then comes the time to work on the project itself. At this point, you add your own content to disk, connect everything with hyperlinks, add pictures, hot spots, on-mouse and on-click events to build navigation through the disk and make it more interactive. Finally, you burn the project to disk using the built-in CD/DVD burner and your custom software installation disk is ready. Voila!
If you remember the hassle of looking for various disks or you want to save yourself from losing your software on the hard drive, Autoplay Menu Designer is what you need. Create your own installation disk with a CD menu now. Next time you reinstall the system, you'll find everything on one disk. And believe me it's very convenient.