New 5.0 version of Autoplay Menu Designer

We glad to notify you that the new major version (5.0) of the Autoplay Menu Designer has been released.

You can download the new version here : /download/autorunmenu.exe and try it. Not necessary to remove the old version.

 Autoplay Menu Designer 5 has some revolutional changes and that's why is not fully compatible with 4.xx projects.  Nevertheless you can use the "Create a new from existing project" function in the "Create a new project wizard" to convert your 4.xx projects. But please test the created project in more details before publishing because some functions can work incorrectly.

What's new in Autoplay Menu Designer 5

!! Now You Can Create Web Applications !!
Think to go cross-platform? This option allows you to distribute your application on any Mac/Windows computer that has a browser! Moreover, you can upload your app to a website and distribute it as a link.

New Graphic Core
The new graphic core empowers Autoplay Menu Designer 5. Objects look smoother in run-time and are more easily manipulated in design-time. A lot of new customization options allow you to tune the view of your application exactly the way you want.

New Run-time Module
The new powerful run-time module allows applications to execute faster, consuming less resources and providing stable performance whatever the complexity of the application is.

New User Interface
The user interface of the program was rebuilt from scratch to provide better user experience. Adjusting project settings, placing objects or editing properties and variables is absolutely transparent thanks to the brand new UI.

Support for Variables
Variables allow you to adjust the way the application is executed, modify properties or program complex behavior of your application. By means of internal and custom variables you can set up flexible interaction between the application and the user, while the registry variables promote easier manipulation of registry keys to save settings or read system parameters.

Standard Controls are Available
Autoplay Menu Designer 5 features Standard button, Checkbox, Radio button, EditBox, ListBox and ComboBox controls. This allows you to create standard interfaces with typical controls.

New Timed Actions
The Timer object allows you to execute actions periodically, or after a specified time gap. Display reminders, pause execution or change behavior of the application at certain times.

Music Player
Use the music player object to create audio books, music collections and audio tutorials, or just add ambience to your application with a playlist of music files.

Pack Resources into the App
Autoplay Menu Designer now packs images, sounds and textures required by the application into a single standalone executable that doesn't need any third-party files to work.

Full Unicode Support
Now your app can deal with any language or even several languages simultaneously thanks to Unicode support for filenames and object names.