New 5.1 version of Autoplay Menu Designer

We glad to notify you that the new version 5.1 of the Autoplay Menu Designer has been released.
What's new in Autoplay Menu Designer 5.1

Niew objects :
  • Curve object is added.
  • Simple Text object is added.
  • Formatted Text Box object is added(Formatted text with a scroll and with a transparency).
  • List Box control is added.
  • Combo Box control is added.

Functions are added :
  • New styles for the begin/end of the line(for Line, Polyline and Curve objects) is added.
  • Support of embedded hyperlinks in the RTF viewer object.
  • Sort of objects function in the Show/Hide object action dialog.
  • The copying function of properties between states is added.

Plug-ins :
  • Embedded back/forward buttons for Slideshow are added.
  • Support of Image Preview, Image list, Slideshow plugins in the Web App.

You can download the new version here :
/download/autorunmenu.exe and try it.