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AutoPlay Menu Designer

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Quickly Build Autorun Menus. Or Anything You Can Imagine

Whenever you need to build an autorun menu for any removable media including CD, DVD or USB drive to execute automatically any time a user inserts that media into the computer - Autoplay Menu Designer delivers an easy, convenient and 100% coding-free way to do this! Although using its vast capabilities you can create any full-functional interactive application in few minutes even if you have literally no programming skills at all.

Limitless Home and Corporate Uses

Autoplay Menu Designer is an easy-to-use yet exceptionally functional tool to build interactive Windows-based autorun applications or interactive Web applications that are built on HTML5 standard no matter the purpose. The Web application allows you to distribute your application for any modern devices (computers, tablets and phones) that has a browser!
You can use apps built with the program for easy software delivery, to create spectacular presentations, manuals and e-books, business cards and brochures, to display your personal music and video collections stored on DVD, to create a birthday slideshow or a multimedia greeting card, for exquisite family albums and many, many more!

Configure App's Behavior...

Autoplay Menu Designer's rich interactivity allows implementing almost any idea and fulfilling any need you may have as a developer. You can make any element of your application interactive, be that a button, a link or an image, and assign one of the impressive range of available actions to it: execute a program, open a folder, go to another page of the menu, play a sound, send an e-mail, run a PDF or PowerPoint presentation or open the given URL - virtually anything is possible!

...And Appearance

Want your autorun menu have the unique exterior? There's a corporate style the app you develop should follow? Or maybe you just want to create a charming and distinctive wedding slideshow? With Autoplay Menu Designer you can embody every design you can imagine! Dozens of button-designs, shapes, controls, styles are fully configurable and adjustable both in size and in appearance. Styles are different for inactive, hovered and clicked states of every object. Colors, fonts and shape of objects are adjustable too. Have some unique idea? Not a problem, add your own style, texture or background, and turn it to reality!

Cross-platform publishing

Build a Windows-based executable with a click, or if you prefer cross-platform execution, make a Web/HTML5 application so all Windows / Mac / iOS / Android users could enjoy it. Distribute your app on CD/DVD disk or USB drive, or upload it to your website to give access to anyone connected to the Internet.

Three steps to create autoplay menu     Show tutorials
With AutoPlay Menu Designer, you can jumpstart your autoplay menu project in three easy steps.

1. Select layout.

AutoPlay Menu Designer lets you create your CD menu with the wizard where you can select the project layout from many pre-build templates. Click to view screenshots
Then you can configure project settings such as window style, size, position and background, set extended autorun options, enable a Splash screen and localization support, if necessary.
2. Edit project.

When the layout appears in the work area, you can elaborate on it further. Add text, images, buttons, shapes, hyperlinks and other objects to the autorun menu with a few clicks of the mouse.
menu autorun cd
Define actions that occur in response to user interaction. For example, when a user clicks the button you can execute a program, open a folder, go to another page of the menu, play a sound, send an e-mail, run a PDF or PowerPoint presentation or open the given URL.
3. Build project.

The final step is to package your project for deployment on a CD-ROM. You can build the CD menu through the Build Project wizard in seconds. The output includes the standalone AutoPlay Menu player and a folder with resource files. To finalize everything, burn these files to the CD or DVD disk, using the Windows CD burning feature or built-in burning tool. Moreover, you can upload your app to a website and distribute it as a link.
cd autorun menu


General  |  How it works  |  Features  |  Screenshots  |  Templates  |  Plug-ins  |  Languages  |  History
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Hot news
  20 March 19
  AutoPlay Menu Designer 5.6 has been released !
We have released a new 5.6 version of the AutoPlay Menu Designer.
  12 April 18
  AutoPlay Menu Designer 5.5 has been released !
We have released a new 5.5 version of the AutoPlay Menu Designer.
Our customers
  Your software is awesome! Please keep up this excellent work. I hope that the program is still being developed and looking forward to future versions.  
  I have just purchased AutoPlay Menu Designer in the last few days and would like to thank you all for excellent software. I am having a lot of fun using your program.  
  I just wanted to say that the support you guys give is fantastic. I've had a couple of problems which have all been caused by my own negligence and you have helped out every time.  
  Thank you for the quick response. I must say, I love this software. It really is the best of any autorun creator that is available. Great product and Great support!  
  I must say that I am very impressed with AutoPlay Menu Designer software. It is significantly better than any of the 14 packages I evaluated. I am also impressed with your tech support.  
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