Changes History

History of changes for AutoPlay Menu Designer

Version: 5.81
Build 812(February 2023)
Changes to improve Windows 11 support.
Security patch.
Updated the version of libraries to improve the security of the application being created.
Fixed some issues.

Version: 5.8
Build 801-804(January-April 2022)
The full Windows 11 support.
The new embedded video player is implemented (Media Player object). The new player is independent of the Windows Media Player component and will work in Windows where Windows Media Player is missing.
There are Windows editions (Windows 10 N or Windows 10 KN edition, for example) where Windows Media Player is missing initially. Moreover, in Windows 11 the Windows Media Player is no longer the default app for playing videos. It's possible that it will be removed in one of the next updates of Windows 11. Also Windows Media Player can be deleted by the user in Windows 8/10. With a new 5.8 version your videos will definitely be shown.
Additionally the new player has a modern design and supports more video formats.
Fixed some issues.

Version: 5.7
Build 720(October 2021)
The page caching functionality can be disabled.
Can be used for projects with a lot of large pages to reduce the RAM use.

Fixed some issues.

Version: 5.7
Build 711(July 2021)
Export project pages to PNG
Save project pages to PNG format for printing, instructions, design approval, etc. Use the context menu for the Page object to export the page to PNG.

Changed the logic of the video viewing in full screen mode for Web applications.

Fixed some issues.

Version: 5.7
Build 704-707(July-August 2020)
New GridView object
The new GridView object is designed to represent various data as a structured view. Typical examples are part catalogs, product galleries, restaurant menus, document lists and so on. In all these examples the data can be represented visually in the same unified style. Example projects with GridView objects you can find on the Examples page.
Learn how to create a simple GridView object - the online step-by-step guide to create your first GridView object.

Support for SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
Use image files in the SVG format for images, buttons, panels and other interface elements as easily as standard graphics formats. Vector graphics helps turning your apps more responsible and adaptable to a range of screen resolutions.

Publish your Web App to VisualDesigning or to external Web Server
As you know you can build a Web/HTML5 application from any project of Autoplay Menu Designer. The Web application allows you to distribute your application on any Mac/Windows/Linux computer that has a browser! You can burn it to CD/USB and run it as well as executable application(start the index.html file). Our Web app don't request an Internet connection and will be running on the Windows/Mac OS using the browser.

In 5.7 version we have made using of Web applications even easier! Just upload your application to VisualDesigning Web-server(or to any external Web-server) and use the resulting link to distribute your project.

Custom object states
The new version introduces several new preset object states("Active", "Disabled"). You can select used object states for each object individually. Conveniently, each object state can be assigned with its own different visual style. This greatly simplifies designing user interfaces. Previously, in order to display the active state of an object, you had to create a dummy object and show it in place of the real object when the object state changed. Now, you assign the desired visual style for the "Active" state, and then simply set the object state to "Active" whenever you want.

Designing with Components
The new version simplifies work with repeated similar interface elements, for example, the "Next" buttons on multiple Wizard tabs. The concept of components allow you to transform any graphical object into some kind of a stencil (Component) that transfers its properties to all copies of that object. In this case, whenever you modify the Component, all other instances of that object automatically receive the changes too.

KeyBoard events
Assign usual actions to keyboard events, for example, to make a transition between pages by pressing a key.

Smart arranging objects
Using smart guides easy to arrange objects on the pages.

Many other improvements
Autosave projects, new grid settings, Media object events, the new gallery "Icons"(svg-based), etc...

More details...

Version: 5.6
Build 601(March 2019)

For the Web/HTML5 build mode the support of following objects is added : Edit Box, Standard and Radio button, Checkbox, Combobox. Also the full support of Variables is added.
In 5.6 version you can publish your project to the Web/HTML5 app using all opportunities of Autoplay Menu Designer.

The resizing mode is improved.
Create responsive apps which can be adapted to the current screen resolution automatically

Optimized the start time and memory using for huge projects with large quantity of resources.

Fixed some bugs.

New learning templates and video tutorials to demonstrate capabilities of Autoplay Menu Designer.

Version: 5.5
Build 503-507(April - July 2018)
Fixed some bugs.

Version: 5.5
Build 502 (12 April 2018)

Scaling of pages and windows
Now your application is not limited to just one size and can be adapted to the current screen resolution automatically. Moreover, you can allow users to scale the app's window manually, in runtime.

Custom cursors
In version 5.5 you can use any static cursors from *.cur files or any animated cursors from *.ani files for your objects.

Animated "Show/Hide objects" action
Now you can show and hide objects in your application with accompanying impressive animated effects: Fly In , Fly Out, Wipe (50+ different effects), Fade.

"Debugging" mode
This mode allows you to get detailed runtime information about your application to catch bugs and test if everything works as intended.

"Interrupt rest actions" function
The new "Interrupt rest of actions" option in the "Events/Actions" dialog provides more opportunities for complex algorithms.

Transparency of the "Subwindow" object.
A Subwindow object with transparent background is useful when you want to use the same interface elements on multiple pages but don't want to copy them over and over. In this case you create a "master page" that has a header, a footer and other elements that repeat on every page, and "inner pages" that contain unique elements. Insert those inner pages to a subwindow object and make this object transparent.

"Floating" mode for workspace panels
Floating panels help you free up some screen space.

New page transition effects
The 5.5 version adds a lot of page transition effects resulting in more than 50 effects overall.

More details...

Version: 5.4
Build 406 (28 April 2017)
The German language is added.

Version: 5.4
Build 402 (07 March 2017)

Animated GIF Object is added.
Now, along with static images, you can also place animated GIFs to any window of your application.

Popup windows support.
With new popup window functionality you can create modal dialogs and popup windows that require user attention.

Show Message Box action is added.
Automatically open a particular window at startup of the app.
The "Invert state" command in the "Show/Hide object" action is added.
New system variables are added: ScreenWidth, ScreenHeight, SysLanguageName, SysLocaleName

More details...

Version: 5.3
Build 309, 310, 311 (09,23,25 January 2017)
Fixed some bugs.

Version: 5.3
Build 305 (21 July 2016)
Fixed memory leaks.

Version: 5.3
Build 301 (25 May 2016)
New version of "Extension to build Web application" that is built on HTML5 standard is released !
This function allows you to create a cross-platform application which will be work in the browser without any plugins on all modern devices (computers, tablets and phones) ! Moreover, you can upload your app to a website and distribute it as a link.

New powerful plugin "Thumbnails slider" is added.
The plugin displays scrollable list of image thumbnails and opens a preview window with enlarged image by the click (or double click).

The rotation of graphic objects is implemented.

Plugins were improved.

Version: 5.2
Build 213 (05 January 2016)
Fixed some bugs in plugins.

Version: 5.2
Build 211 (22 October 2015)
Fixed some bugs.

Version: 5.2
Build 210 (13 October 2015)
Transition effects between pages is added.
The "clear project folder" function is added.
The ability to change application information for a run-time module(company name, copyright and etc. ).
The double-click event is added.
Plugins were improved.
Full Windows 10 compatibility.

More details...

Version: 5.1
Build 208 (8 April 2015)
The volume control for the "Media player" object is added.

Version: 5.1
Build 207 (9 February 2014)
The variable showing a current track of the "Music player" object is added.
Fixed some bugs.

Version: 5.1
Build 206 (3 December 2014)
Fixed some bugs.

Version: 5.1
Build 205 (18 November 2014)
Fixed: display a wrong window name when a current page name(%CurPageName% variable) for it is used.

Version: 5.1
Build 204 (30 October 2014)

New objects :
Curve object is added.
Simple Text object is added.
Formatted Text Box object is added(Formatted text with a scroll and with a transparency).
List Box control is added.
ComboBox control is added.

Functions are added:
New styles for the begin/end of the line(for Line, Polyline and Curve objects) are added.
Support of embedded hyperlinks in the RTF viewer object.
Sort of objects function in the Show/Hide object action dialog.
The copying function of properties between states is added.

Plug-ins :
Embedded back/forward buttons for Slideshow are added.
Support of Image Preview, Image list, Slideshow plugins in the Web App.

Version: 5.0.2
Build 192 (22 August 2014)
Fixed a problem with the "Send Email" action in Chrome for Web App.

Version: 5.0.2
Build 190 (17 July 2014)
Fixed some compatibility problems with Windows Vista.

Version: 5.0.1
Build 186 (24 June 2014)
The new feature for a Standalone build mode is added. Now you can create a separate data file to reduce startup time of your application.
More details...

Version: 5.0
Build 185 (28 May 2014)
French and Russian help files are added.

Version: 5.0
Build 184 (30 April 2014)
Fixed a problem with the localization function.

Version: 5.0
Build 181 (24 April 2014)
Fixed a problem with an autoplay Web app in Windows.

Version: 5.0
Build 180 (03 April 2014)
The loading of a Web App in the Mac OS became faster.

Version: 5.0
Build 177 (27 March 2014)
The "Disable caching" option is added for the Flash player object and for the Media player object. Can be used for projects with a lot of large flash or video files.

Version: 5.0
Build 174 (17 March 2014)
Italian language is updated.

Version: 5.0
Build 173 (14 March 2014)
Fixed the problem with "Open a file" action in the Internet Explorer(Web application mode).
Fixed some problems of the Flash Player object.

Version: 5.0
Build 170 (26 February 2014)
The "loop" feature is added to the Media Player object.
Fixed the problem with displaying of some PNG file.

Version: 5.0
Build 159 (18 December 2013)
The "Run as administrator" feature is added.
Minor bug fixing.

Version: 5.0
The first release (11 December 2013)

Now You Can Create a Web Application. Think to go cross-platform? This option allows you to distribute your application on any Mac/Windows computer that has a browser! Moreover, you can upload your app to a website and distribute it as a link.

New Graphic Core. The new graphic core empowers Autoplay Menu Designer 5. Objects look smoother in run-time and are more easily manipulated in design-time. A lot of new customization options allow you to tune the view of your application exactly the way you want.

New Run-time Module. The new powerful run-time module allows applications to execute faster, consuming less resources and providing stable performance whatever the complexity of the application is.

New User Interface. The user interface of the program was rebuilt from scratch to provide better user experience. Adjusting project settings, placing objects or editing properties and variables is absolutely transparent thanks to the brand new UI.

Support for Variables. Variables allow you to adjust the way the application is executed, modify properties or program complex behavior of your application. By means of internal and custom variables you can set up flexible interaction between the application and the user, while the registry variables promote easier manipulation of registry keys to save settings or read system parameters.

Standard Controls are Available. Autoplay Menu Designer 5 features Standard button, Checkbox, Radio button and EditBox controls. This allows you to create standard interfaces with typical controls.

New Timed Actions. The Timer object allows you to execute actions periodically, or after a specified time gap. Display reminders, pause execution or change behavior of the application at certain times.

Music Player. Use the music player object to create audio books, music collections and audio tutorials, or just add ambience to your application with a playlist of music files.

Pack Resources into the App. Autoplay Menu Designer now packs images, sounds and textures required by the application into a single standalone executable that doesn't need any third-party files to work.

Full Unicode Support. Now your app can deal with any language or even several languages simultaneously thanks to Unicode support for filenames and object names.

Version: 4.5
Build: 166
Supporting a code signing for the standalone application

Version: 4.5
Build: 160
Windows 8 x32/x64 support added

Version: 4.4
Build: 157
Save history setting for a subpage object is added
Fixed a bug for the Post open page dialog

Version: 4.4
Build: 155
Fixed a critical bug

Build: 152

Fixed a problem with starting PDF files
Fixed a problem with "Play in full mode" action for the Media Player
Fixed some problems with File Browser

Build: 148

Improved localization loading speed
Fixed drawing problem

Build: 145

Fixed a problem with Publish locally option
Fixed some problems with Standalone Executables greater 2Gb

Build: 140

Supporting Flash Player commands (for example: Play Stop Rewind) is added
Favorites tab was added to the files selection dialog

Version: 4.3
Build: 138

Fixed some problems with embedding fonts in Trial mode
Fixed some problems with PhotoActions plugins
Fixed a problem with flipped GIF
Fixed a problem with installing external fonts
Fixed a problem with mouse wheel in Web tool object

Build: 134

Supporting of the transparent PNG and GIF images

Build: 133

Supporting of the DVD format for ISO Disc Images
Supporting of the symbolic fonts (for example: Wingdings) is added
Fixed a problem with slideshow transition effects
Fixed a problem with toolbars

Build: 128

Fixed features access problems with Lite Edition Business License

Build: 127

Hi-DPI modes supporting was added in Windows 7
Fixed a problem with text resizing and formating

Build: 126

Quality of fonts was improved ( Clear Type supported )
Text tool now supports RTF formatting
Publish feature was added
Publishing to USB flash drives was added
Play videos full screen feature was added to a Media Player tool
Feature to wait for an external application closed was added
Pause / resume sound when an external application started / closed
Scroll sub-page by mouse wheel was added
Preview image by single click in 'Image List' plug-in was added
Data file (autorun.dat) for autoplay menu merged with application file

Version: 4.2
Build: 120

Files List View plug-in was added
Norway language localization was added
Fixed registration code re-entering problem in Windows Vista and 7
Fixed a problem with fonts in Windows Vista and 7

Version: 4.1
Build: 117

Improved font embedding feature
Minor bug fixing

Build: 116

Creating one Executable file from Disk Image
Localizing non-textual resources of project(images, command lines, etc.)
Change of the object position inside of groups enabled
Adding Unicode support to the Send mail action and Tooltips
Sorting Tabs in Run/Open action was added

Version: 4.0
Build: 112

The problem that localized strings was not placed well is fixed
The page name length limitation was removed
Showing the page name as window title was fixed

Build: 111

Improved start of menu on large discs ( some delay if disc have many files and folders )

Build: 110

Static mode (without preview by click) was added to Thumbnail preview plugin

Build: 109

Program stop working after burn to dvd finished was fixed

Build: 108

Tooltips problem was fixed

Build: 107

Windows 7 x32/x64 support added
Burn to DVD/Blu-ray function is added
Create ISO image function is added
Multilanguage feature (Unicode chars supporting) for project is added
New project creating Wizard is added
Visual plugins supporting is added
Three plugins to work with photos is added ( Image preview, Slide show, Images list )
Interface localization was improved
Interface language Editor is added
Increased numbers of the built-in templates ( +24 template )
Project Settings dialog was improved
Supporting of the multi resolutions is added

Version: 3.6

Burn to CD function was improved
Replacing of the application icon was added
Version information removed from autorun application file
Bug in "Open Folder" action was fixed
Bug in "Test" feature while .dat file renamed was fixed
Bug in Pie object selection was fixed

Version: 3.5

Burn to CD function is added
The "Send Email" action is added
Renaming application file name at the distribution is added
The error of copying of external files at the distribution is corrected

Version: 3.4

Password protection added
Support USB devices

Version: 3.3

Splash screen added
Build Project has been enabled in Trial Mode

Version: 3.2

Windows Vista support added
The "File/Folder actions" added
Many gradient styles for objects added
Some bugs are corrected

Version: 3.1

The localization support (feature to change languages at run time)
The "Copy formats of objects" function is added
The "Page order" function is added
The "Page navigation" action is added(next, previous, back, forward and etc.)
The new ellipses forms is added (Pie, Chord, Arc)
The "Auto name" function for texts objects is added
Antialiasing style line is added
Show grid line as dots is added

Version: 3.0

The Gallery bar is added
Full Drag&Drop support
The "CoolText" object is added
The "Image" object is added
The "Media Player" object is added
The "Shadow" object property is added
The "Text Shadow" object property is added
The "Margins" property for the Text object is added
The "Roundness" property for Rectangle object is added
The "Shape" property for the Image and Text object is added
The "Opaque" field for the "Line" property is added
The "Opaque" field for the "Text" property is added
The "Window action" is added
The "Media action" is added
You can make the window or the page to be non-rectangular
Auto Save/Install using fonts
Resample page function is added
You can copy a object together with resources and links

Version: 2.2

The "RichText" object is added
The "Flash" object is added
The "WebBrowser" object is added
The "Subpage" object is added
The "HotArea" object is added
The opportunity of start documents/application by a condition is added
Variables support is added
Target field added to the "Page action" dialog
Grouped object align bug is fixed
Text resizing bug is fixed

Version: 2.1

Supports of groups is added
The "Open Folder" action is added
The "Sound Action" action is added
The "View modes" toolbar is added
Auto switch pane mode is added
Saving and restoring windows size and position is added
Now you can set the "start page" option to page
Commands "Make same width" and "Make same height" are added
Equals properties auto-synchronized between "Properties", "Mouse Over" and "Mouse Click" tabs.
The "Lock" object property is added
All toolbars can be switched on/off
You can change Zoom page by use Ctrl key + Mouse wheel
Some visual improvement is added
Some bugs are corrected

Version: 2.0.1

The executable file running error is fixed ("Run/Open files" property)
Added "Show errors" option in the "Run/Open files" action dialog

Version: 2.0

The first release of Autoplay Menu Designer

Version: 1.0

The first version of Autoplay Menu software