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Technical questions

T1. I have inserted CD with menu but nothing happened. Why ?

T2. Can I run menu directly, without the operating system message box, on a Vista or Windows 7/8 computers?
No, you can't. In the latest versions of Microsoft Windows the autorun menu cannot be run automatically. System autoplay message box will be displayed instead. User can run autorun menu from it.

What's the difference between AutoPlay and AutoRun?

T3. I am tried insert USB flash drive with menu on a Windows 7/8 computer, and it doesn't even come up with the operating system message box.

About an Autorun USB in Windows 7 and higher read here: Autorun USB in Windows 7/8

T4. I try to burn DVD disc under Windows XP but I receive error messages. What I doing wrong ?
By default AutoPlay Menu Designer does not support DVD burning in Windows XP. You can use an external burning program(ex, Nero) for burning to DVD disk (burn content of the Disk Image folder) or install the KB932716 Windows update package (from to enable burn to DVD function in Windows XP.

Description of the Image Mastering API v2.0

If you can't burn anyway you can do it manually by using any CD burning software (for example: Nero). Follow steps:
  • Build your project.
  • Publish your project locally.
  • Click Browse button on the last publishing step (Windows Explorer will open folder with your files).
  • Burn content the folder (all files and folders) to the root of CD or DVD.

T5. I want to use my video files (mp4, mkv, H.265, avi etc.) in the menu. Will they play properly on the target PC ?
To play videos the AutoPlay Menu Designer used Windows Media Player control. So if the target PC will not have an appropriate codec the video will not be playing. Therefore we recommend you to convert all your videos to the .WMV format or include an appropriate codec installer to the CD

Download K-Lite Codec Pack

T6. How can i use the possibilty to let the users browse the content of the CD ?
See an example here

T7. When I burn the project it works fine but a default Splash screen comes up. Will this screen not be there on the full version? If so can it be turned off?
If you order Pro Business Edition of Autoplay Menu Designer you will can remove or customize Splash screen in the Project Settings. More information about Editions you can find here.

T8. Will CD's created with AutoPlay Menu Designer run on Windows ONLY, or will they run on Windows and MAC?
Think to go cross-platform? You can build a Web application to distribute it on any Mac/Windows computer that has a browser! Moreover, you can upload your app to a website and distribute it as a link.

T9. Is it possible to embed a 'file manager' object in pages, to make possibile to browse cd o or usb pen contents directly from the application (instead of opening an external explorer windows)?
Use Web Browser tool to show content of any folder on the disk. Apply a path you want to display as a web address (URL field of the Web Browser tool). Also use %ROOT% variable to get path of the disk root.

T10. Is AutoPlay Menu Designer compatible with Windows 7, 8 ( x32/x64 ) ?
Yes, it is fully compatible.

T11. The menu, I have built is localized in several languages. I would like to open external documents, like pdf files with path or name different depending on the current language. How can I solve my need without duplicate the windows?
You should enable Localize non-text resources option (See Project Settings > Localization tab). All command lines will be included to the language file and you can modify it here.

T12.When I build the project, I get a warning about "font description" XXX "not found". I put the fonts in the Resources folder, but I'm still getting the message.
Given warning message appear when AutoPlay Menu Designer cannot to find or to save XXX font from Windows System folder. Probably font is not correctly installed. Try to use other font or ignore this message ( in this case default font will be used instead ).

T13.We are building a CD menu in which we are using fonts not available in all operating systems. How does the automatic font installation work?
The fonts that are used in the autorun menu will be placed to the Resources folder after project has built. When the menu will start they will be used inside.

Sales questions

S1. What benefits do I get if I register the AutoPlay Menu Designer?
After registration you will:
  • have the right to use the AutoPlay Menu Designer after the 30-day trial period;
  • receive free upgrades, including both major and minor releases during one year;
  • receive the priority Email technical support;

S2. When I create the Autorun application with the unregistered version of the AutoPlay Menu Designer, it contains the "This screen has been created with evaluation copy of the AutoPlay Menu Designer program" text. If I register the program, will this text be eliminated?
Yes, the text will be removed after you register your copy of the AutoPlay Menu Designer.

S3. How can I register the AutoPlay Menu Designer?
Please open this page

S4. If I lose my registration key, whom do I contact?
You should contact and provide the name of the person who registered the AutoPlay Menu Designer and if possible the Order #. If you can provide this information, your registration key will be sent to you within one business day. If you are not able to provide the Order # , more time will be needed to investigate the order.

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