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Visual Designing maintains outstanding levels of support and customer satisfaction through self-help and assisted-help resources.

SELF HELP - while we pride ourselves on fast and accurate responses to customer questions and problems, Visual Designing provides an array of resources to enable you to find answers and resolve problems on your own, without having to contact Technical Support.

ASSISTED HELP - Visual Designing provides online support when you are unable to find a solution successfully on your own or have a question that is not answered through self-help resources.

Self help resources

    Video Tutorials
    Video guides that helps to start a work with program quickly

    Online Manual
    Online help system for our software

    Questions, frequently asked by our users

    How-to use tips
    Step-by-step guides that helps to solve the tasks that Visual Designing's customers may encounter

Assisted help resources

Technical Support
If you need help with our products you can contact us by using Technical Support Form.

Sales contact
Please use this form to submit your questions about pricing, upgrade eligibility, order status, or any related purchasing matters, as well as to request product info or update your customer registration info. Sales form.

* Alternatively, you can also contact us via E-mail:

Assumed obligations
  • We do our best to answer promptly and to keep hold times to a minimum. If you send us a message when our office is closed we will answer you back as soon as possible - usually within one business day at most.
  • We will acknowledge and, when possible, resolve all inquiries within one business day.
  • We will inform you within one business day if the issue requires further investigation.
  • We strive to resolve all customer technical support issues within a maximum of five business days.
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  Your software is awesome! Please keep up this excellent work. I hope that the program is still being developed and looking forward to future versions.  
  I have just purchased AutoPlay Menu Designer in the last few days and would like to thank you all for excellent software. I am having a lot of fun using your program.  
  I just wanted to say that the support you guys give is fantastic. I've had a couple of problems which have all been caused by my own negligence and you have helped out every time.  
  Thank you for the quick response. I must say, I love this software. It really is the best of any autorun creator that is available. Great product and Great support!  
  I must say that I am very impressed with AutoPlay Menu Designer software. It is significantly better than any of the 14 packages I evaluated. I am also impressed with your tech support.  

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