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Multilingual support of an interface

Our software has a multilingual support of an interface. All languages are included in the software and installed automatically. Use the Main menu->Tools->Languages->Set language menu item to change the current language.

If you not found your native language in the following list or the translation is required you can get a licence of Autoplay Menu Designer for free. Join our translation team, translate the AutoPlay Menu Designer interface and get a license for free!

Available languages

Language Version of the last update Percent Status

French 5.6 [601] 100% Ok

German 5.6 [601] 100% Ok

Russian 5.6 [601] 100% Ok

Italian 5.4 [406] 96% Ok

Polish 5.4 [406] 96% Ok

Turkish 5.1 [208] 87% Ok

Indonesian 5.0 [160] 85% Required

Danish 4.5 59% Required

Finnish 4.5 59% Required

Norwegian 4.5 59% Required

Hebrew 4.4 48% Required

Arabic 4.4 48% Required

Romanian 4.4 48% Required

Portuguese 3.x 28% Required

Spanish 3.x 28% Required

If you think you have found a bug in the translation, please let us know about it by email.

General  |  How it works  |  Features  |  Screenshots  |  Templates  |  Plug-ins  |  Languages  |  History
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