Built-in and additional templates packs

The "business card" template

This template have a responsive design, so it's adapted to the current screen resolution automatically (80% of the screen width and 75% of the screen height), contains 6 scenes(20+ pages). Autoplay Menu Designer 5.6 minimum version is required to work correctly.

Special features used :
  • Resizable pages and windows to adapt the application to the current screen resolution automatically.
  • Scrollable areas using the "Subwindow" object to display pages with a scroll.
  • "Timer" objects and "Timer" events to change pages automatically with a specified period.
  • The animation of objects and page transitions effects to make an impressive presentation.
  • The use of "Internal variables" to display the active menu item, to create the email form, to control visibility of buttons.
DOWNLOAD AND TRY WINDOWS-BASED DEMO - the Windows executable file created by Autoplay Menu Designer. This version demonstrates all opportunities of this template.
DOWNLOAD PROJECT ZIP-ARCHIVE - the zip-archive with files of this template. Extract files to the separate folder and open the "vcard01.amproject5" project file in Autoplay Menu Designer to study. Note, this template is designed for users with intermediate level experiences of Autoplay Menu Designer.
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