Create Autorun Slideshow CD

Create Autorun Slideshow CD

Autorun slideshow CD disks created from your photos make a great present for someone's birthday or wedding anniversary. They can also be used in business to promote products and a company. You can share such disks with others by post, or show them at meetings or in a showroom using a computer. There are many applications out there on the Web that you can use to make autorun slideshow CD disks. Typically, most applications that allow you to do it are expensive and a pain in the neck as they are big and complex requiring time to learn before you're able to make anything decent. Therefore I'd like to draw your attention to Autoplay Menu Designer.

AutoPlay Menu Designer makes creation of autorun slideshow CD disks quick and easy, and the result looks like something that took a professional designer to create. The program puts many tools and templates at your fingertips to make a creative, personalized autorun slideshow CD without putting much effort into it. You'll discover a fairly intelligent wizard that guides you through the first steps of setting up a project: selecting a prebuilt template for the menu and entering project properties like output directory, window style, size, position, background, file to execute when the user puts the disk into the DVD-ROM and more. With that done, the selected menu design appears in the designer window of the program where you can work on it further.

Now, the creative part begins. You can add shapes, pictures, buttons, annotations, music - a whole slew of options to create an attractive and informative autorun slideshow CD. Of course, you can easily drag objects to anywhere on the screen and rearrange the order of slides the way you want. To build navigation through the menu, you can make use of hotspots, hyperlinks and interactive events to enable objects to open files, hyperlinks, play sound and do many other things when the end-user places the mouse cursor over an object or clicks on it. To ensure a smooth flow of slides in a slideshow, the program allows you to add various beautiful transition effects.

Do not like the look of pictures in the menu of your autorun slideshow CD? Never mind! AutoPlay Menu Designer allows more editing than one can expect. You can, for example, adjust hue, saturation and lightness, apply many visual effects to objects like different shadows, blend an object with the background and set its transparency. As compared to complex packages, there isn't much you cannot do with AutoPlay Menu Designer.

When you're satisfied with the results, you can use the program's packager and burner to compile the project into a package with autorun slideshow CD menu files, a standalone player and an autorun dat and then burn it all to a DVD or CD from within the program. The burning process takes about 10 seconds. That's all.

Whether you're looking to create a personalized autorun slideshow CD to be used as a gift, or produce a professional-looking promo disk for marketing your products, or company to prospective clients, Autoplay Menu Designer is a lovely piece of software to try. You can test it for free but that limits you to 30 days of usage.

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