Make Nice Holiday Gifts

Make Nice Holiday Gifts

In this post, I'd like to tell you about an autorun creator tool that can be used to make nice hand-made gifts. Have you ever tried to make a gift for someone's birthday or other event using autorun creator ? I guess no. Most likely you went to the shop to buy one. Buying gifts in a shop is commonplace with most people these days. We buy postcards, teddy bears, boxes of chocolate, DVD disks, perfume, the list goes on and on. But the best gift is the one which is made by your own hands as it's very personal, not like that stuff that anyone can grab from the shop shelf. I am constantly on the lookout for something cool and recently I discovered an original way to create personalized holiday gifts. I am talking about a small app called Autoplay Menu Designer. It is an autorun creator that lets you make nice looking autorun disks with photo albums or music that can make original, hand-made gifts.

AutoPlay Menu Designer, which is offered with a wonderful set of menu templates, is a convenient autorun creator that lets you create autorun disks without having to learn a more complex authoring tool. Today's authoring packages typically require you to spend a week studying the user guide and experimenting with the software before you can create a front-end that could be burnt onto a disk. Using AutoPlay Menu Creator, you can create a highly professional appearing CD front-end that takes only half an hour, or even less to create. What's even better is that the price of this autorun creator is much less than the cost of professional authoring software.

The autorun creator offers a set of templates to let you start your autorun menu project instantly. There is also a wizard-driven interface, a rich library of objects and interactive actions to make the menu you want. You can add pictures, shapes, text, sound and video and weave it all together using buttons, hyperlinks, hotspots and a rich library of interactive actions, so that users can interact with and navigate through your content easily. For example, in the photo album, you can set a thumbnail picture to show a tooltip telling when and where the photo was taken and who is shown in it when the mouse pointer is placed over, or open the picture full size when the thumbnail is clicked. As you get more comfortable, you can create much more complex interactivity.

The autorun creator comes with its own tool to package the project and CD / DVD recorder, so you will package project files without losing a file and burn all this to disk without stepping out of the program.

If you are looking for an original way to make a holiday gift, which is unique, personalized and memorable, you may want to consider the Autoplay Menu Designer I told you about. Imagine that you are presenting someone an interactive photo album or music disk with an eye-catching design and all this is made by your own hands! Chances are your gift will produce a better impression than anything you may buy in a shop.

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