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Make Home CDs More Professional

Autoplay creator and image processing software are becoming increasingly popular these days as more and more families buy digital cameras to take photos. Over the years, we collect hundreds of digital memories of college parties, family get-togethers, vacations, birthdays and other exciting events that we burn to optical disks to keep them for the lifetime of enjoyment, or to present as a nice gift to relatives, friends and coworkers. One of the applications that can make home CD production professional and fun to do is called Autoplay Menu Designer.

As you see from the name, Autoplay Menu Designer is the autoplay creator software, which allows you to build a professional-looking autorun menu for CD-ROM, DVD, or USB stick. Autorun CD menus give your photo albums on disks a more engaging look, so that they appear to come from a professional mastering source. Disks with autoplay menus make an original gift to anyone you want to share the magic of your photographs. As a designer or artist, you can use Autoplay Menu Designer to create portfolios of your work on disks to show to prospective clients.

The sweetest thing about this autoplay creator is that you do not have to be a genius in programming the software makes the whole design thing downright simple. Once installed and launched, Autoplay Menu Designer opens into a wizard that will let you create an autorun CD menu from pre-built templates almost hands down. After all, most of us do not want to sit around at the computer for hours, studying a verbose user manual for a complex authoring tool. Many thanks to the authors for realizing it and making the process a two-minute fun affair.

With Autoplay Menu Designer you begin just by selecting the template you wish to use and clicking buttons to configure project settings, including Disc Image folder, window style, size, position, background, splash screen and localization support. Then you add content to the menu, buttons, shapes, graphics, and interactive events to the elements to create an autorun menu with easy navigation and nice look. The autoplay creator allows you to assign a great variety of interactive events that go live on placing the mouse over the item, or clicking the button.

Autoplay Menu Designer lets you preview the menu and make changes if it does not work the way you want. When you have reviewed and prepared everything, a special wizard in the autoplay creator helps you compile the project for burning onto a disk. The package contains a standalone player and resource files. Then you can use an embedded CD burning tool, or any other third-party recorder to put the autorun menu onto the disk.

It's fun and popular these days to create your own CDs and DVDs. If you want to give your disks a professional look with a nice-looking autorun menu, you should consider the autoplay creator like Autoplay Menu Designer. It's downright simple and offers all creative options to look like a star when it comes to creating autorun disks.

Video tutorials  |  Manunal  |  FAQ  |  How to use  |  Ideas  |  Articles  |  How to uninstall
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