Make CD front-ends easily

Make CD front-ends easily

CD menu creator applications were created because making an autorun CD menu in a professional authoring tool requires knowledge and experience, which comes in months and years, rather than hours. Besides, professional solutions are rather expensive and not all people are ready to spend hundreds of bucks for the product that they will use occasionally only for a single task - to create an autorun CD disk, or autorun USB flash drive. So I'd like to draw your attention to a very interesting CD menu creator that can let you make a professional front-end for CD business cards, CD brochures, CD documentation, or CD presentation, saving lots of time, efforts and money.

Autoplay Menu Designer is a CD menu creator that lets anyone, regardless of creative ability or computer knowledge, make nice autorun menus right out of the box. What I especially like about AutoPlay Menu Designer is that offers menu templates and a wizard-driven interface to get things started in minutes. For example, software developers may find several interesting templates for creation of software installation disks. So rather than hiring a design expert to create an autorun disk, you can roll up your sleeves and do the whole design job literately in minutes. I found all the templates to be professionally designed and able to present information effectively.

CD menu creator follows the PowerPoint model in that you make a menu by selecting a design template, typing in text into fields, repositioning objects and adding new ones onto the menu screens. You can add buttons, pictures, shapes, lines, hotspots and hyperlinks and set them to respond to the mouse movements by changing their appearance or showing a tooltip and on mouse clicks by running actions, like playing a sound, opening a document or webpage, starting an application, playing a Flash video. In terms of interactivity, AutoPlay Menu Designer is absolute beauty. I found myself playing with its automations for quite some time, as it's so much fun to do.

Once you previewed and finished the menu project, you need to get the stuff compiled and burnt to disk. The CD menu creator allows you to do all this without ever stepping out of its environment. There are built-in publishing tool and CD / DVD recorder, so you won't be at a loss figuring out which project files to record to disk. In just a few clicks, you can get your project resources packaged along with the standalone player and recorded. The end-result works fine and you can check it out instantly by inserting the disk to CD-ROM drive. Using the CD menu creator is very intuitive and easy for a beginner, who never before made an autorun disk.

Autoplay Menu Designer is a no-brainer approach to creating autorun CD menus without having to buy and learn a professional authoring tool that some people may find embarrassing because of the price and complexity. I recommend this CD menu creator to software developers, PR and marketing managers, educators who need to create an engaging front-end for CD catalogs, CD marketing brochures, CD presentations, software installation disks, software documentation on disks, CD demonstrations, and computer-based training courses on CD.

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