How to Create an Autoplay Video Lesson Disk

How to Create an Autoplay Video Lesson Disk

We all need to learn from time to time. And training documents, courses, tutorials and presentations are a great helper element here. Indeed, when the information is delivered in an easy to comprehend form, like a slideshow or a video, a learner have to spend less time on acquiring the knowledge and more time on conceiving it. Simply put, the more interactive the lesson is, the better.

With Autoplay Menu Designer you can create a nice virtual step-by-step tutorial or an autoplay training video course. What do you have in your mind? A trigonometry interactive textbook that autoruns once a user inserts the DVD teaching people how to produce spectacular effects in Adobe Photoshop? Or may be you have prepared an excellent audio course of practical marketing? Regardless of your idea, Autoplay Menu Designer provides all the required tools to make it come true with very few efforts!

Working with the program is easy, yet you may need some practice to unleash the full power of the menu creator. Basically, making a video or slideshow tutorial that runs when a user plugs in the USB stick or inserts a CD/DVD disk requires these simple steps :

  1. Create a project. You may use one of available templates or create your own distinctive design.
  2. Add a playlist of mediafiles (MPEG, AVI, WMV, MP3, WMA and more) you want your autorun menu app to play, or add image slides (PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF and others).
  3. Provide ways for a user to control the playback - skip to the next slide or open the next video lesson.
  4. Save your menu app to the disk and record it to a DVD.

In addition to production of a common Windows-based executable, you can publish a Web application to make your app available to Windows and Mac users via a browser.  You can easily share an online course created in Autoplay Menu Designer with other people, burn it to a DVD, or even sell it on your website!

Since Autoplay Menu Designer automates and simplifies the above steps a lot, building a simple auto-execution dynamic tutorial such as below takes a dozen of minutes!

Click here to see the live example of the video lesson created by Autoplay Menu Designer.

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