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Create eBooks, Journals on Disks

CD autorun creator software makes it a lot easier to make ebooks, journals and documentation on disks. It used to be that in the past one had to know HTML to create an ebook on CD, or had to hire a design expert who could do it professionally. Now people are starting to tap into the power of cd autorun creator software. Autoplay Menu Designer is one of the tools that can help you get the ebook created with a minimum amount of effort.

AutoPlay Menu Designer, as the name suggests, is a CD autorun creator, which has been designed to help people to create nice-looking front-ends for CD and DVD disks. The application can be used to make ebooks, journals, documentation, software installation disks, presentations, photo albums from scratch, or using one of the templates from the built-in library. The templates have been made by professional designers and look clean and nice.

To begin, you use the CD autorun creator to select the template from the library and enter properties of the project. This means you should specify where on disk you wish to store the project and output, define the style of the window: enable or disable the titlebar, show or hide system buttons, set window size and position. Besides, you need to choose the application or document to open when the disk is placed into the CD-ROM, enable or disable the splash screen that is displayed on screen in the beginning, and localization language to be used by default.

Once that's done, the project is loaded into the designer window of the CD autorun creator where you type in your content and keep on designing the appearance of the menu by adding shapes, lines, callouts. Basically, you design the ebook by dragging and dropping the objects in the same way as you would build a Lego house. To make sure the menu looks and works as intended, you can preview it and get back to edit changes until you get what you want.

Regarding interactivity, the CD autorun creator gives you a wide range of events to be executed when the mouse is rolled over the object, or the object is clicked. For example, you can set a button to show a tooltip and change its caption, when the user puts the mouse over the object; play a sound and open an application or document when the button is clicked. The library of interactive events is so rich that you can build any kind of interactivity.

Finally, the project resources need to be packed up and burnt onto a disk along with a viewer, so the ebook can be launched on a computer without the installation of AutoPlay Menu Designer. You can do recording without stepping out of the CD autorun creator, just use the internal recording tool. Once complete, you are on the way to fame as an author of ebook or journal. Distribute the disk as you wish quickly and easily.

Making an ebook or a magazine on disks is a no-brainer with a CD autorun creator like Autoplay Menu Designer. The program will pay for itself from the money you'll save by no longer having to outsource ebook creation to third-party services. So if you find yourself needing a quality CD autorun creator, try a free trial of Autoplay Menu Designer.

Video tutorials  |  Manunal  |  FAQ  |  How to use  |  Ideas  |  Articles  |  How to uninstall
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