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What is activation?
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Technical support
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Adjusting your workspace
Areas of the workspace
Project panel
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Making more room to work
Resize a workspace panel
Show or hide a workspace panel
Zoom or pan the artboard
Turn snapping on or off
Working with user galleries
Working with projects and projects files
Create a new project
Open a project
Save a project
Save a project as a template
Create a duplicate of your project
Delete a project
Preview a project
Build and Test a project
Publish a project
Change a project settings
Set an extended autorun options
Change the filename and the icon of an application
Settings of the Splash screen
The protection of your application by password
Adding multi-language support to the application
Working with objects and properties
Add an object
Select or cancel the selection of objects
Rename an object
Copy, cut, paste, or delete an object
Copy and paste the format of an object
Undo or redo an action
Types of objects
Add, delete or copy a window
Change the style of a window
Change the size and position of a window
Change the startup page of a window
Change the background of a window
Make a nonrectangular window
How to enable dragging of the window at run time
Add, delete or copy a page
Change the size and the alignment of a page
Change the background of a page
Previewing the current page
Visual objects
Add, delete, copy and duplicate a visual object
Group, combine and ungroup visual objects
Move, resize and modify visual objects
Align visual objects
Change the layering order of objects
Lock or unlock an visual object
Hide a visual object
Variables and Expressions
Using variables in text fields
Variable scope and name conventions
List of internal variables
Music players
Styling objects
Settings of the background fill
Settings of the background texture
Apply effects to the background
Settings of the object outline
Settings of the object shadow
Change the form of objects
Settings of the object text
Working with behaviors
Working with visual states
Change appearances in response to user interaction
Change the mouse cursor in response to user interaction
Add the tooltip for an object
Play the sound in response to user interaction
Adjusting behavior of grouped objects
Working with events and actions
The list of events
The list of actions
Navigation by using the "Open page" action
Show or Hide visual objects
Run or Open files
Browse a folder
Copy files
Copy a folder
Open URL
Send Email
Change variable
Management of a window
Play sound
Show Message Box
The Timer object actions
The Animated GIF object actions
The Music player object actions
The Media player object actions
The Web Browser object actions
The Flash player object actions
Plug-ins actions
Change language
Web Application limitations